Friday, 3rd November 2017

Keynote Address: Future of CIO Role – Dear Future I am Ready

Keynote Panel Discussion: Architecting the Next Generation Data centre Infrastructure, Security and Services

Thought Leadership: Datacentres at the Edge: The next wave of Distributed IT

Datacenter Keynote: The Infrastructure Strategies Roadmap for Datacenters

Thought Leadership: Defining your Data and Datacenter Strategy for the Future

Strategic Insight 1: The growth of Software Defined Architecture and Data Center

Strategic Insight 2: Software Defined Data centers managing critical infrastructure from single Pane of Glass

Datacenter Experiential Learning: Interactive Focus Tracks

Track 1 Asset and Power Management

Keynote Presentation: Key elements for Powering a multi-tier and scalable Datacenter

Strategic Insight: Data center trends and challenges leading to innovative power solutions

Panel Discussion: Managing Datacenter Assets and Power Management

Track 2 Security and Cloud Computing

Keynote Presentation: Cloud security - Malware & Crypto currency Mining

Strategic Insight: The need for Rack Level Security

Panel Discussion: Architecting the security of the next generation Datacenter

Track 3 Energy Efficiency

Keynote Presentation: 10 Ways to Save Energy in Your Datacenter

Strategic Insight: What’s cutting-edge in energy efficient Datacenter design?

Panel Discussion: Future of Power Efficiency and Technology for Green Datacenters

Keynote Address: Evolving Datacenter Design and Operation to meet the Demands of the Digital Business

CIO as a differentiator in today’s landscape

Datacenter Awards