8 June 2018

Keynote Address: Evolution and Future landscape for CIO

Datacentre: A view to the Future

Case Study Panel: Transforming Traditional Data Centers into Cost -Effective Data Centersstrong>

Thought Leadership: Data Security : The Challenges for the Datacenter and IT Environment

Keynote Address: The growth of So†ware Defined Architecture and Data Center

Strategic Insight: How are you going to deal with Downtime: Need for effective BCP Planning

Keynote Address The IT Infrastructure Strategies: Roadmap for Future Datacenters

Datacenter Experiential Learning: Interactive Focus Tracks

Track 1 Asset and Power Management

Strategic Insight: Managing your Datacenter Asset

Strategic Insight: BenefiUng out of your Power and Cooling Management Strategies

Panel Discussion Managing Datacenter Assets and Power Management

Track 2 Security and Cloud Computing

Keynote Presentation Cloud trends and effect on the Modern Datacenter

Strategic Insight Securing your Datacenter of Now and Future

Case Study Panel: Best Practices in Data Center Security Management